Our Terms & Conditions

Key Items
  • You must book classes ahead of time as we have limited capacity.
  • Students turning up to fully booked classes without prior bookings may be refused access.
  • Booking and failing to attend classes on a regular basis will incur warnings and possible fines.
  • Reservation can be cancelled up to 2 hours before class commences.
  • Members on waiting lists will automatically be booked in once spots become available.
  • We accept no liability with respect to any user contribution submitted by our members.
  • You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Carpe Diem Self Defence and affiliated entities and all associates against all claims and liabilities.
  • It is your sole responsibility to consult with a qualified physician before undertaking any physical activity with us.
  • You will be notified via email 14 days in advance should your membership price change.
  • We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time.
  • Carpe Diem Self Defence, Carpe Diem Krav Maga, Krav Ninjas, Junior Self Defence, Stay Away Self Defence, Adrenal Self Defence and Bespoke Self Defence are copyrights of Carpe Diem Self Defence Limited 2020.
Club Operations
  • Schedule Changes: Any changes to our class schedule will be communicated: in class; via our members Facebook group; booking system.
  • Bank Holidays: We do not run classes on Bank Holidays, specifically Monday Bank Holidays. We ask all our members to plan their training at others locations during bank holiday weeks.
  • Club Holidays: We take 4 weeks of annual leave every year: 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period; 1 week in the spring; 1 week in the summer. Those dates will be reflected on our booking system. We will endeavour to remind everyone in class and through our Facebook group.
  • Train Anywhere: Members need not worry about missing lessons as they can train anywhere. No prior notification is required but classes must be booked in advance through our booking system.
  • Uniform: It is mandatory for all club members to wear uniform during class. It’s not optional. Failure to do so will risk refusal from training.
  • Joining Fee: The fee to join Carpe Diem Self Defence is £30.
  • Membership Options: Standard x1 per week; Flexi x4 per month; Extra x6 per month; Unlimited is unlimited.
  • Change of Membership: Membership levels can be changed at anytime via email requests to [email protected] They will be activated from the beginning of the following month. Please allow 14 days to process.
  • Membership Cancellations: All memberships can be cancelled by giving 30 days notice. To give notice, members must send an email to [email protected] We will confirm cancellation via email. Please note, we can only accept cancellation requests via email and cannot apply them retrospectively. Cancellations of direct debits inside the notice period; without notice; or without agreement will incur a £20 administrative fee. Should an alumni member decide to re-activate their membership, a joining fee will be required.
  • Membership Pause: We offer our members the flexibility to pause their membership if they are going to be away for prolonged periods of time. The minimum pause period is 1 month to be taken in calendar month increments. There will be a monthly fee of £10 to retain the holder’s membership with the club otherwise it will be considered a cancellation. Requests must be made via email to [email protected] at least 14 days in advance and cannot be applied retrospectively. Failure to notify us of a pause of membership (ie: cancel direct debit without telling us) will deem it an unauthorised cancellation which will incur a £20 administrative fee. Should that individual decide to reactivate their membership at a later date, they will be required to pay: £30 joining fee + £20 admin fee + 1 month’s fee due to cancellation inside the notice period.
  • Price Lock: We operate a price-lock policy for all our members. As long as their membership remains active or on paid pause, then memberships rates will be frozen. Should a member decide to cancel and rejoin, it would be at the current club rates.
  • Annual Insurance: All members are required to pay their annual insurance fee of £40. No action is required on their part, as we collect these fees via direct debit during the 2nd month of their membership and annually thereafter. Members will receive notifications from GoCardless every time this happens.
  • Adult Class Cancellations: In the event of a class cancellation, we will make every effort to to give our members as much notice as possible and request they make up their session at another location. No refunds will be issued.
  • Junior Class Cancellations: Class cancellations are rare, but they may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. If more than 2 classes are cancelled within the same term, Carpe Diem Self Defence will deduct 10% from the following term’s fees.
Covid-Secure Policy

The guidelines below must be adhered to whilst training at any of our classes during the pandemic period. These will remain in place until further notice. Please review regularly as we will be updating them based on advice and guidelines from government, health organisations and martial arts associations.

  • Members must not attend training if they, or anyone they have been in contact with has exhibited signs of illness.
  • Government guidelines must be followed to test, isolate and inform others.
  • Members must maintain a distance of 2 meters at all times.
  • Class capacities have been reduced to accommodate social distancing.
  • Classes must be booked in advance via our club booking system.
  • Instructors will strictly enforce class limits by taking the register at each training session.
  • Arrival to training without booking will be turned away if class capacity has been reached. If class capacity permits, participant must book there and then before commencing training.
  • If they are not on the register, then they will not train.
  • Members are encouraged to arrive ready to train. Changing at our facilities may not be available.
  • Members must wash hands before coming to training and use sanitiser when entering and leaving the training area.
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available at all our classes.
  • Participants are encouraged to minimise the use of toilets during training sessions.
  • Should they need to, they must wash their hands after use and use the hand sanitiser when leaving and entering the training area.
  • Training will be conducted with suitable shoes on.
  • No face masks can be used during training to avoid suffocation. However, members can wear them during the instructional and practice periods where no physical exertion is taking place.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment, communal or otherwise.
  • Members must bring their own water bottles (labelled if necessary) and ensure they do not get mixed up with others.
  • Our online training program will be made available to all active members until further notice.

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