What do you want to achieve?

Despite our size we pride ourselves on our close-knit club atmosphere. We spend time to get know you personally... especially getting to understand why you want to train in Krav Maga. This important to us because it helps us set the compass to begin your journey. We should never lose sight of why you began in the first place. Our guarantee to you is to keep you on track whilst having a lot of fun.

Self Defence is for everyone

That's our mission and we live by it. We believe that Krav Maga is the best self defence system out there. What makes us unique is how we challenge ourselves to teach anybody that walks through our doors. It doesn't matter whether you are a combat fighter or martial artist, have zero fighting experience, low level of fitness, restricted mobility, etc... because attackers don't care. Like with anything new, it’s always best to try it first to see if what we offer is for you. It's OK if it's not, but we are confident you'll find it hard not to enjoy yourself.

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Our trial lesson will only cost you £10 with no obligation to join afterwards. Just come and see what Krav Maga is all about and get a good feel for our club. When you book your trial classes, you'll be able to select your preferred class location and date. Once you’ve made your booking you’ll receive an email from our team with all the information that you need to know for your first class.

After your trial

After your trial lesson, you’ll be able to discuss your goals with us... sometimes in class or over the phone with our HQ team. Our enrolment process thereafter is quick, simple and conducted online.

What our members say ...

“The atmosphere and people are great. There’s no sense of superiority and the instructors are all really down to earth and are happy to spend time helping each student individually.” Will Helliwell

“Krav Maga is not just self defence, its a way of life. It changes the way you do your things and you go about in your daily life. You become aware of your surroundings, not paranoid, just aware. And you behave accordingly in order to prevent you ending up in dangerous situations.” Ana Baptista

“I feel that I’ve learnt some new skills over the past 8 months, but I’m only at the start of my Krav journey. There’s years of fun ahead learning more of the basics and hopefully moving on to advanced techniques when I’m ready!” Mark Harvey

“What I like most about training at Carpe Diem are the the Instructors and the people I train with.” Mark Mathers

“Join Carpe Diem and train Krav Maga. I’m sure you’ll love it as much I do” Nino Popovic

“I feel great. I absolutely love Krav Maga both as a sport but also as an effective self-defense system and I am more than happy that I am part of this amazing Krav community at Carpe Diem ;-)” Julia Katharina Klein

“I always look forward to my Krav Maga training with Carpe Diem. The people and the environment are the main reasons why I am loving the training.” Ronnie Kinaadman

“I love the fact that Carpe Diem feels like a family. Everyone is so eager to help make you a better person. There is no judgement and you are allowed space to develop and grow.” Jasyn Savage

“Krav Maga with Carpe Diem is for everyone wanting to attend practical self-defence classes with a well-run, friendly and welcoming organisation or club at a reasonable cost, irrespective of whether you are currently fit or not.” Ingrid van Meurs

“Everything is well organised, people and instructors are friendly, what’s not to like!” Romain Meyer

Carpe Diem.

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