If you are looking for one-2-one tuition, small group private training, corporate events or tailored courses then you've come to the right place. Bespoke Self Defence offers tailored training for private individuals and corporate B2B companies. With us personal service just got very personalised.Will you fight?


At Bespoke Self Defence we offer extreme ends of the spectrum from training for the private individual all the way to corporate B2B companies... because they all have unique requirements.

Understanding your goals is very important to us. We are not short of things to teach, in fact our resource pool runs quite deep, however delivering against your goals is how we measure ourselves.

When clients engage us we, much time is spent understanding their requirements, outcomes and timeline. Once established, a detailed proposal is put forward for review. Only once accepted can the execution plan begin.

Tailored Packages

We offer one to one training for individuals looking for a more personalised experience. Due to high demands we have very limited slots and often a waiting list. We deliver this out of our studios in Fulham and Fleet.
If you are after the personal experience in a small group setting with like-minded people, then this offers great value. You can also create your own small group. Sizes are limited to a maximum of 4 people.
Small Groups
We offer full-day and half-day corporate events. This could take the form of a structured course but often delivered as a team building event. We make sure it's informal and a lot of fun. One thing for sure, it will be positively memorable.
We work with numerous organisations to put together structured courses in multiple formats. Topics are often driven by our clients needs. Formats include a mixture of theory and practical applications. We can deliver single or multiple day courses... weeks even.


IKMF chairman Avi Moyal talking about Krav Maga. He provides a great insight into Imi Litchenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga. He also shares the principles and continued evolution of the system. Our self defence techniques draws heavily from the Krav Maga curriculum.


Footage captured from our FAST (fear adrenalin stress training) workshop conducted in London. It's more phycology than techniques. How people react when they experience real fear is very different than what they've trained to do. The delta is caused by the fast adrenalin dump into the body. We train people on how to make adrenalin their friend.


Stay Away seminar run in Birmingham. This women-only seminar is hugely popular. We field a lot of requests to run tailored courses based on our women-only self defence curriculum.


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