Our Covid-Secure Policy

The guidelines below must be adhered to whilst training at any of our classes during the pandemic period. These will remain in place until further notice. Please review regularly as we will be updating them based on advice and guidelines from government, health organisations and martial arts associations.

    • Members must not attend training if they, or anyone they have been in contact with has exhibited signs of illness.
    • Government guidelines must be followed to test, isolate and inform others
    • Members must maintain a distance of 2 meters at all times.
    • Class capacities have been reduced to accommodate social distancing.
    • Classes must be booked in advance via our club booking system.
    • Instructors will strictly enforce class limits by taking the register at each training session.
    • Arrival to training without booking will be turned away if class capacity has been reached. If class capacity permits, participant must book there and then before commencing training.
    • If they are not on the register, then they will not train.
    • Members are encouraged to arrive ready to train. Changing at our facilities may not be available.
    • Members must wash hands before coming to training and use sanitiser when entering and leaving the training area.
    • Hand sanitiser will be made available at all our classes.
    • Participants are encouraged to minimise the use of toilets during training sessions.
    • Should they need to use toilets, they must wash their hands after use and use the hand sanitiser when leaving and entering the training area.
    • Training will be conducted with suitable shoes on.
    • No face masks will be used during training to avoid suffocation. However, members can wear them should they wish to during instructional and practice periods where no physical exertion is taking place.
    • There will be no sharing of equipment, communal or otherwise.
    • Members must bring their own water bottles (labelled if necessary) and ensure they do not get mixed up with others.
    • Our online training program will continue to be available to all active members until further notice.

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