Hi, I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and have been living in the UK for the past 15years. I have been working as a personal trainer and sports coach for the past 20 years and have enjoyed participating in a range of sports from running, cycling and body-building. My goals for the future is to graduate as a G2 in Krav and compete in the World Masters Athletics (800m) in 2 years time. I believe learning new skills and adapting to life is what keeps us motivated and young. My personal motto is: Forever young!

Back in 2011, I went through a phase of total demotivation and depression. I had achieved most things that I set out for myself and did not know what to do. In 2015, I was informed by a friend of mine about Krav. I knew I had to do something about the way my life was going and Krav sounded like the right thing. I loved the idea of training with others, having a coach, learning a new skill and getting fit.

My journey into Krav started with a google search. I checked out a few places, read the rules and the grading methods and decided to book my trial. I attended my trial session in the summer of 2016 and although it was hard to grasp the techniques, I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Everyone was so supportive and understanding. I signed up the next day and now I am a P1 level.

“Better yourself and trust the system.”

In the past year, my motivation has increased to levels when I was competitive in the past. I am running again and using some of the fitness training methods learnt in Krav to improve my overall conditioning and physique. I am also using some of the methods in my own business.

In the past year my fitness has certainly improved and my physique is undergoing some positive changes. I know I need to keep training outside of my normal Wednesday sessions if I want to get to a higher grading. My progression is long term based and for life…

I love the fact that Carpe Diem feels like a family. Everyone is so eager to help make you a better person. There is no judgement and you are allowed space to develop and grow.