I did Tae Kwon Do in my twenties as felt that I had no true concept of how to defend myself. I learned a lot but unfortunately the club closed and I could not find another TKD club so I had to give it up. Many years later I felt as if I had unfinished business so made the decision to start doing something again. After looking on Google I came across Carpe Diem, so I did some research into Krav Maga and decided that it ticked all the boxes.

The confidence to “Walk in peace”

Obviously I am less flexible than before but found with Krav you could still defend yourself without the flashy high kicks. Two years later I am progressing well and more confident than I was before. It is convenient… the people I train with are good fun and despite it being a contact sport we enjoy ourselves.

I love it and hate it when other commitments get in the way. However, the pull of Krav will always make sure I won’t stay away for long.