Growing up in Melbourne, I’ve always been interested in sports and outdoor activities. In school, I played basketball, Australian Rules Football and was always involved in Track and Field. My outdoor hobbies included hiking and camping.

I’ve tried a few martial arts such as Wing Chun, Kung Fu and Aikido but I never got passionate enough about them to continue at higher levels. For fitness, I mainly did boxing and kickboxing and more recently in London have been loving kettlebells workouts.

I wanted to try a self defence system that was not too ‘martial arty’. I saw Krav Maga on a tv show and the simple ‘no nonsense’ approach caught my attention. Then I was lucky that Krav Maga classes started getting taught at the kettlebells studio where I train. I approached Haitham enquiring about lessons and he offered me a free trial class which I took up without hesitation.

“I feel confident that I am progressing and I really like that I am constantly learning and being challenged in each class.”

I really enjoyed the trial lesson. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The techniques covered in class were simple and straightforward but very effective in a practical situation. Plus the warm up and end of class stress drills were so different from anything I’ve experienced before, it made the tough work a lot of fun. I was definitely hooked, and joined straight away.

My training is always interesting and always makes me wanting to keep coming back for more. I have recently passed my first grading (P1), and am more motivated than ever to continue on to the higher levels. Since starting Krav Maga, my ability in the techniques are getting better with each class. I feel that my awareness is constantly improving. My fitness has definitely been ramped up another notch.

I always look forward to my Krav Maga training with Carpe Diem. The people and the environment are the main reasons why I am loving the training.

I love Krav Maga because it is simple yet very effective and learning it with Carpe Diem is always rewarding and fun.