I did kickboxing for a year when I was about 13. I used to do trampolining too. Didn’t enjoy any other sports or team activities. Never got into trouble at school. Didn’t feel like I needed self defence as I could talk my way out of most situations. I’ve been working since I was 16, starting off in retail, hospitality and now working in IT and music. Hobbies include video games and drag queens.

I found out about the class by first searching for CQC (close quarters combat) and trying to find a martial arts that matched that. Krav seemed like a very practical choice. I really liked the idea that it was practical and could be used in real-life situations, unlike other martial arts. It seemed like a fun way to keep fit too without having to do boring exercises at the gym.

“I wanted a way to keep fit and make myself feel safer when I go out to a pub at the weekends.”

I think I’ve been training now for about 5 years. There’s still loads to learn and I can definitely feel myself getting more comfortable with techniques every time we go over them. I feel like there’s a lot more to learn. The next step will be to challenge myself even more and go for my P1 grading.

I used to be stick thin. Krav has definitely helped me get broader. It’s given me more confidence to handle any situation, not just ones that need self defence.

The atmosphere and people are great. There’s no sense of superiority and the instructors are all really down to earth and are happy to spend time helping each student individually… I love having somewhere I can release energy and challenge myself every week.